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Like a Burrito
This great binding will wrap you in like a burrito and keep you tight in place without breaking the bank. The Wrap™ features a unibody, nylon-composite chassis to guarantee you’ll get a nice even flex and a solid fit to your boot and a soft highback. The heel strap comes pre-contoured to the instep of your foot, while the top strap is designed to encompass your whole foot and pull it back like a true cap strap. The Wrap™ utilizes a double-axis aluminum ratchet with a one-finger quick release so you can get in and out with ease.

Nylon Unibody Construction

Nylon with 10% Fiberglass

Molded EVA Highback Pad

Tool-Less Forward Lean Adjustment

(Wrap) Stitched Instep Strap

(Wrap) Doubled Injection Toe Strap

Aluminum Double-Axis Buckles

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