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High Voltage
The two-part chassis composed of aluminum and nylon gives a more rigid flex that delivers power through turns and dampening underfoot when riding choppy terrain. The highback has been milled out to provide stability when pushing back into turns but still has enough give right where you need it. The Shocker also features a tool-less forward lean adjustment. the heel strap comes pre-contoured to the instep of your boot while the toe strap is designed to encompass your whole toe and pull it back like a true cap strap. The Shockerâ„¢ utilizes a double-axis aluminum ratchet with a one-finger quick release so you can get in and out with ease.

Combo Nylon Baseplate with Aluminum Heelcup

Nylon with 15% Fiberglass

Molded EVA Highback Pad

Tool-less Forward Lean Adjustment

(Wrap) Stitched Instep Strap

(Wrap) Double Injected Toe Strap

Aluminum Double-Axis Buckles

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