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Prima Ballerina
You spin, you pop and you bend in every direction as you play around on the hill. You’ve been called a prima ballerina and you’re not ashamed to admit that. You know what you need from a board and we want to give it to you. Offering a women’s-specific litewood core with one strip of carbon and a top/bottom layer of bi-axial glass, this board releases your inner Black Swan so you can get devious all over the mountain. Don’t worry about hooking on hill, we’ve beveled the base edge with a 1 degree angle and the side by 2 degrees. Our extruded base is there for you to land hard on and not have to worry about irreparable damage.

Construction – Sidewall

Miter Edge™
A relaxed 45º ABS sidewall angle creates a comfortable and more forgiving ride. Featured on all ANTI CAM™ and MAC CAM™ boards.

Bi-Axial Fiberglass
Two layers of stitched fiberglass at 0º and 90º. A classic for performance and durability, while at the same time forgiving.

1X Carbon Layup
A cross-layer of carbon for torsional hold and response throughout the board.

Litewood Core
A combination of Paulownia wood (a very fast-growing renewable resource with high fiber qualities) and Bamboo stringers placed at the inserts for increased strength and great overall response.

Carbon Steel Edges
Rockwell 48 carbon steel w/ 1º base bevel & 2º side bevel

Ultra High Molecular Weight extruded base is a proven performer with a low level of maintenance, offering a consistent glide in any condition.

A zero camber construction with 6mm of rocker starting at 120mm from the contact points for a relaxed, forgiving, skate-inspired ride. ANTI CAM™

ANTI CAM™ – 138 / 141 / 144 / 148 / 151

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