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_Adam Dowell’s Playlist

Whether you like to do it or not, Adam Dowell does it. Get your head out of the gutter, we’re just talking about jamming tunes while you’re shredding. We recently asked Adam to send over his ultimate shreddin’ play list. It’s pretty hardcore, which shouldn’t surprise any of you.

The Black Dahlia Murder – On Stirring Seas Of Salted Blood
Carnifex – Dead But Dreaming
Katatonia – Rainroom
Cancer Bats – Deathsmarch
Shadow Of The Colossus – Spill Bilderberg Blood
Fleshgod Apolcalyspe – The Violation
August Burns Red – White Washed
NOFX - We Called It America

So there you have it – a solid play list of face melting metal and hardcore. What’s on your playlist? Hit us up on facebook or twitter and let us know what you like to shred to.

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